Sunday, September 07, 2014


     Yep, that's my take on my mood today.  Bleh.  Just bleh.  This past week was definitely a rough one.  Classes began and I got my first real taste of what my schedule will feel like this year.  Let's just say it that in a nutshell: it sucks. It. Sucks. Rotten. Eggs.  I will have to be on top of my game everyday to make sure I can keep organized and caught up on grading, otherwise my weekends will quickly disappear into catch up days.  The transitions and prep hours for each of us sound okay on paper, but the reality of it all is too choppy and quick for a traveling teacher.  There's plenty of time to change classrooms, but not quite enough time to do much else of value (i.e. planning).  When you are in a new location for each successive class, you have to bring all of your stuff with you, which is another headache, and work wherever you are the best that you can.  My prep also overlaps with my lunch, but not with the rest of the department, like it always did before. I don't mind a working lunch per se, but it is also my only window to recharge before heading off to the next class.  We used to have 15 minute transitions, a 45 minute lunch, and at least one full hour for prep...maybe we were spoiled.  Now it just sucks so much.  I am in a new place constantly and cannot get focused.  I have been spending all of my time just trying to figure out systems, lesson plans, and of course prep work.  I'm sure I will figure it all out in time, but until then I will be a tad frazzled, which is never fun.  Trying to keep a positive outlook regardless, but it is HARD.  Gonna be praying for a lot of strength and guidance this year.

     My family life has also been a bit challenging.  My anxiety is going into overdrive.  My kids started back to school and while they seem to be doing well, I can't keep my demons at bay.  Last fall, we battled head lice on my daughter for nearly two months.  I swore I would never go through that again.  I am being very proactive and keeping her hair up and trained her to be vigilante about taking care of her stuff at school.  This is a tall order for an 11 year old girl who is not the most attentive child when it comes to stuff like this, especially in a classroom with 37 kids!  My son has a tough class load in middle school and it will be a struggle for him stay on top of things organizationally-speaking, which means I will be aiding him along the way.  These things are not overly stressful, just one more log on the fire so to speak.

     What really tainted my whole mood was our chihuahua.  Little Tia has been a ray of sunshine since she entered our lives three years ago.  She is sweet, cuddly, craves love and attention all the time, and is hilarious to play with. However, she can be a bit protective and yappy when it comes to strangers.  She is not mean, but she is anklebiter in the truest sense sometimes.  We keep her on a leash, but occasionally let her off in our yard to get her energy out.  Once she knows you and your scent, she's a lover.  Well, a couple of days ago, this neighbor man was outside and Tia saw him.  She was on her leash, but K had let go of it.  She made a beeline for him and apparently nipped him.  He was immediately upset and when K ran over to get her.  He informed my daughter that if this ever happens again, he would "kick her," meaning Tia.  That bothered K quite a bit to hear this. Then she went back to playing with her friends.

     Fast forward to Friday, I get a call at work from Animal Services and am grilled about this incident that I had heard nothing about.  When I finally piece together the whole story from K later on, I am immediately freaked out as to what could happen.  Turns out the man was not at all seriously hurt, but was pissed off that it happened and supposedly "afraid for his kids' safety."  That's so ridiculous, considering Tia was playing with K and her little friends when the incident occurred. We got paid a visit yesterday from Animal Services (aka dog catcher) and were informed of the consequences.  The man's bit was basically two puncture wounds, but nothing major.  Thankfully, Tia was up to date on all of her shots and is licensed, so the man went easy on her.  She has to be quarantined in our home for 10 days and has a bite record.  If she ever does it again, she will have to either leave the county of be euthanized.

     In case you are wondering, yes I am very upset and frustrated by this situation.  I don't condone what happened to the guy and understand that our dog was wrong to do this.  That said, she is not some ferocious beast that is a danger to the community.  She is a tiny chihuahua that can be an occasional anklebiter.  I was bit by my childcare provider's dog once and I didn't call the county dog catcher and cry about it.  I informed the owner and left it at that. I wish they would have just approached us and told us so that we could apologize.  Maybe I'm in a bit of denial, but put yourself in my shoes.  If you have a dog that you love, you probably can empathize that these things occasionally happen.  Anyone who knows our chihuahua knows that she is harmless.  Just so frustrated by this neighbor.  Just feeling like he overreacted and now Tia is under a tight watch for the rest of her life.

Is it next week yet?  Please God let it be a good one!

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